Soundproofing a Kennel

Soundproofing a Kennel with UK Insulation

There are predominantly two key concern areas for our clients, these are that either,

1) Noise is passing from the kennel area to the surrounding offices and neighbours.
2) The level of noise in the kennel area is simply too loud. 

In both cases ensure that the right level of soundproofing is incorporated into the space will provide a safer and calmer atmosphere for both the animals and the people. Did you know that the loudest bark recorded by one dog is 113dB? Also did you know that the loudest recorded bark by a pack of dogs was at 124dB? The latter of the two is on par with machine gun fire at close range or a jet plane at 30m!

Acoustic Isolation & Soundproofing the Kennel Area

To isolate and reduce the transmission of barking noises and minimise the sound bleed from out of the room, you can view our soundproofing a wall section. Within this section you can find a guide to insulating a wall and links to excellent products and wall layering techniques which will provide you with the required results for stopping sound bleed and noise transmission from the kennel area into the surrounding offices and neighbours.

Acoustic Absorption within a Kennel 

Controlling the noise level within the kennel area itself is usually accomplished by fitting Melamine Class 0 foam acoustic panels, this absorbs the sound energy and echoes whilst reducing the overall exposure of the noise.  This provides a happier and healthier environment for staff, customers and the animals themselves.     

It is not necessary to locate the acoustic absorption in strategic areas, however it is more necessary to fit enough area of the product for the size of the room which you are treating.