Soundproofing a Floor

FloorSTOP Soundproofing for Floors UK Insulation
Soundproofing a floor with UK Insulation

Conventional flooring systems and assemblies are not designed with floor soundproofing in mind. Standard and premium lightweight underlay usually offers little or very little soundproofing performance for your floor or floor system.  When laminate flooring, engineered hardwood flooring or tiles are added to these standard systems further noise issues across a building's floor/ceiling assemblies are usually created.  

FloorSTOP™ soundproofing is a high performance 3mm 5Kg rubber based flooring underlay suitable for many types of hardwood, laminate, tile and carpeted flooring.

FloorSTOP™ not only adds a mass barrier layer it also isolates the sectional components of the overall floor/ceiling assembly.  It is principally designed for sub-floor use under laminate and engineered hardwood floors, however it is also commonly fitted under carpeting for minimising sound transmission down through a common floor/ceiling assembly system.  FloorSTOP™ offers luxury grade sound transmission properties to your facility or home. Simply fit FloorSTOP™ soundproofing once and enjoy the years of benefits from reduced foot noise, anti-squeak floor boards and quieter upstairs neighbours.

FloorSTOP™ soundproofing is available in 1m x 5m Rolls (3.28ft x 16.4ft) and weighs over 25Kg per roll!

FloorSTOP™ soundproofing can be purchased from for as little as £8.99/m² (Exc. VAT & Orders over 200m²)

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